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Kalline Naidoo

Director of Business Services

Kalline’s been on Team Ardent for over 5 years, and she wears some very important hats. She oversees our client services teams, our transition teams and our rental management teams. She’s the true “sunshine” in our offices and believes in starting every day with a smile!

Kalline is right when she says that HOA on-boarding is one of the most important pieces to having an excellent working relationship with our clients. Properly done, a transition overcomes previous mistakes and inaccuracies, and ultimately makes our relationship with you much stronger and more successful.

Kalline loves traveling, listening to music and podcasts, exploring new restaurants, hiking, spending time with family and friends, and attending team building events. She’s passionate about helping and uplifting her Ardent team members and staying fit – for her mind, body and spirit!

One more fun fact: Kalline also has the coolest and the fanciest signature here at Ardent!

Kalline Naidoo



Sandy Springs
New York City

Contact Info
(844) 927-3368


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