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Stephen Connor

Personal Submittal by Stephen Connor, CEO, Broker, PCAM, AMS, CMCA

As you may be aware, it’s never easy to write your own personal bio – especially for a guy like me who is somewhat shy and reserved. And before I begin, I’d like to say the following…

We’re grateful that you’re considering Ardent for your Association and Property Management services. Thank you! I’m proud of our team in many ways, and it’s taken more than 20 years to assemble a terrific group of people – people who truly care.

I don’t know a lot of property managers who can truly say this: “I can feel your pain.” In a previous career, I sat on the Boards of over 100 HOA’s – ranging in size from 5 units to 1,000 units. From townhomes to mid-rises, to high-rises to country clubs. During that time I worked with over 50 different HOA and Condo management firms, and had the opportunities to gain insight and access to their management models. Out of those experiences, Ardent was born.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast—I like to ride Harley’s and Ducati’s, as well as race and trail-ride dirt bikes. I love spending time with my kiddos and they’re at an age that “Daddy” is still their hero! Let’s keep it there!

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle are important to me and I enjoy watching college football.

I’m frequently asked what my passions are. Unequivocally I am most passionate about delivering “excellence” to people like you – our clients!

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