Should Your Condo Association Consider Deconversion?

Condo Deconversion

In some regions of the country, condos are a hot commodity. In fact, they are such an attractive type of property that investors are vying for the chance to buy them up and turn them into rental properties. This is most likely to happen in areas where the cost of new construction for apartments is…Read More

3 Things to Look for in Your Condo Association Master Insurance Policy

Condo Association Master Insurance Policy

A comprehensive condo association master insurance policy is one of the most important investments a condo association can make. All businesses need insurance, and when a business includes real property of any kind, insurance is even more important. When it comes to your condo insurance policy, it is important to take into consideration not only…Read More

Summer Tips for Your Condo Association

Summer Tips for Your Condo Association

You want your residents to be safe at all times and during the summer, that can be even more important. Because summer is a popular time to travel, many residents will be away at various times. Whether they are traveling for an extended vacation or a weekend excursion, keeping a watchful eye on the community…Read More

What Might Surprise You about Condo Management Company Responsibilities

condo management company responsibilities

Before hiring any company, it’s essential to understand condo management company responsibilities and the services they offer. Today’s company is diverse, providing opportunities for all types and sizes of property owners to manage their specific needs with ease. For many property owners, proper management is the key. You want someone who can take care of…Read More

6 Reasons to Hire a Condo Association Management Company

Condo association management company

Whether yours is a large or small condo association, a mid-rise or high-rise condo, or a master-planned community, you can receive major benefits by choosing to work with a condo association management company. The larger your community is and the more amenities it offers, the more benefits you can get in such a partnership. The…Read More

7 Tips on How to Run an Effective Condo Association Meeting

how to run an effective condo association meeting

Knowing how to run an effective condo association meeting makes all the difference in your efforts to build community. Of the residents, investors and executive board members you want to attend executive condo association meetings, few have the time to spend hours on trivial discussions and poorly planned meetings. To effectively run a meeting, it…Read More

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring Condominium Property Management Services?

Condominium Property Management Services

If you’re looking into hiring a third party to handle your condominium property management services, chances are you’re seeking a solution that can make your job easier. Essentially, a management company can take over the job for you and save you a lot of time and headache. At the same time, you will also surrender…Read More

How to Hire the Best Concierge Team for Your Condo Association

How to Hire the Best Concierge Team for Your Condo Association

If you are looking for advice on how to hire the best concierge team for your condo association, we have some valuable tips. We can help you get the team you need to deliver an upscale service to your residents. A high-quality concierge team does more than greet residents upon arrival, even though that feature…Read More

How Much Should Condo Associations Have in Reserves?

How Much Should Condo Associations Have in Reserves

For those wondering about how much condo associations should have in reserves, there is much to consider. Every strong condo association should have a substantial reserve set aside to cover a variety of costs. Without such a cushion, those taking care of the everyday needs of your building and those who make up the condo…Read More

Ardent News Roundup: Here’s What COA Boards Should Have on Their Radar

Here’s What COA Boards Should Have on Their Radar

What topics are making the rounds among condo owners’ associations in 2017? While many of the legal issues cropping up have been under discussion for a long time, there are also a number of interesting new trends and challenges facing today’s COAs. Here are some of the most interesting tidbits from around the web. “Friends…Read More