5 Tips to Recruit Homeowners to Run for the HOA Board

Run for the HOA Board

A homeowner’s association can’t operate properly without an engaged, motivated membership. But how do you convince residents to run for the HOA board? Board members don’t get paid—and you can’t offer any “incentives” that would undermine the volunteer nature of the position. In an era where people are busier than ever, asking folks to donate…Read More

How to Calculate HOA Assessments

Calculate HOA Assessments

Is it time to calculate HOA assessments again? Nobody likes paying HOA dues. But what community members REALLY don’t like is feeling that their fees are increasing for no reason. This makes it tempting to keep assessments the same from year after year. However, that’s not a viable solution for most associations. What does work…Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Condo Association and an HOA?

Difference Between a Condo Association and an HOA

What’s the difference between a condo association and an HOA? The chief difference lies in the type of property development the given association governs and administers. A condominium owner association regulates a common structure containing multiple units. But a homeowners association governs a planned development comprised of single-family lots. HOAs and condo associations are the…Read More

What Are HOA Governing Documents?

What Are HOA Governing Documents

What are HOA governing documents? They are the essential documents that set forth how the Home Owner’s Association of your community runs. Also, they are the rules and regulations that you must abide by as a resident. These governing documents are necessary to have an HOA. They set forth guidelines to help with fair treatment…Read More

Getting HOA and Condo Association Recordkeeping Right

HOA and Condo Association Recordkeeping

HOA and condo association recordkeeping is never going to be anyone’s favorite job. But proper documentation is the foundation of any organization. With well-kept records, it’s easier to prove compliance with state or federal regulations as well as your own association’s governing rules. This is important in the event of a dispute, litigation, or audit….Read More

5 Reasons Your HOA Needs an Online Homeowner Portal

Online Homeowner Portal

Do you want to create less work for your HOA board and more satisfaction for your community members? Providing an online homeowner portal is a simple way to accomplish these goals. Here are a few of the ways going virtual makes your homeowners’ association run more smoothly. #1 Streamline Billing and Payment Except for that…Read More

4 Signs It’s Time to Change HOA Management Companies

Change HOA Management Companies

When is it time to change HOA management companies? If you’ve been with the same provider for many years, it can be tempting to simply let things remain as they are. But there can be a number of reasons to make a switch. Here are a few indicators that it is time to shake things…Read More

What Belongs in HOA Meeting Minutes?

What Belongs in HOA Meeting Minutes

Good record keeping is mandatory for HOA boards for the sake of transparency and accountability. But not every comment and idea that comes up during a board meeting needs to end up in the HOA meeting minutes. This is good news for the board secretary who would need to have the skills of a court…Read More

How Are HOA Dues Determined?

How Are HOA Dues Determined

Whether you are a board member or just a homeowner, HOA dues can be a confusing topic. Obviously, money is needed to run the organization. But how much should be collected and what is it used for? Is it a fair amount? Why do the fees keep changing? Here’s a look at the common factors…Read More

Why Does an HOA Need a Management Company Instead of Being Self-Managed?

Does an HOA Need a Management Company

Does an HOA need a management company, or can it avoid the cost and go with self-management? If you are asking this question, it’s likely your organization is looking to reduce costs. However, the truth is an HOA without a management company will find that it is difficult to thrive and communities can head downhill…Read More