7 Tips for Renovating Rental Property

Renovating Rental Property

Is it time to give your rental property a new look? Repairing what’s broken is the obvious first step. But renovating rental property is much more involved. Decide up front what you want to accomplish. This may include: Attracting quality tenants Charging a higher rental rate Preparing the property for eventual sale #1 Think Beyond…Read More

Should You Allow Pets in Your Rental Property?

allow pets in your rental property

With the exception of service animals, there’s no law stating that you should allow pets in your rental property. This means it’s up to you as the property owner to decide whether to accept tenants who have furry or feathered friends. Here are some factors to consider in making your decision out renting with pets….Read More

5 Benefits of Renting Out Your House Through a Property Management Company 

renting out your house

Do you have an extra house or condo that’s sitting vacant? Do you want to enjoy a steady stream of recurring revenue by letting someone live there and pay you rent?  It might seem like a simple job to be a landlord.  However, many landlord are finding that it a second full-time job and they…Read More