Construction and Renovation Services

Managing construction and renovation services for rental properties can be a real hassle for landlords. A lot can go wrong with these projects and the consequences can be serious. Here’s a look at why so many property owners turn to Ardent for assistance.

We Choose the Right Partners

Faulty wiring or plumbing can cause damage from electrical fires to leaky pipes. In the same way, a shoddy roof repair can leave a property vulnerable to mildew and water damage. Having a tenant lose their belongings due or suffer an injury due to bad construction is unacceptable. That’s why we only allow qualified contractors to work on your property. We have a strong network of providers for construction and renovation services, and they are appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured. Because of these long term relationships, we know their track record for putting experienced craftsmen on the job to ensure good quality work.

Construction and Renovation Costs are Controlled

Property owners may not have the time or experience to find the best pricing for a project. And the lowest bid isn’t always the best one. A suspiciously low bid may mean the contractor is skimping on the scope of work or the materials. At the same time, even a reasonable bid may have hidden charges or unexpected change orders. You shouldn’t have to try to figure this out. We select contractors with appropriate rates who stand behind the work they perform. As a result, our clients pay a fair price and enjoy peace of mind.

Your Project Takes Priority

You lose money every month your property stands empty between tenants. We work with our preferred contractors year after year. They know to treat our customers right. This includes doing everything in their power to get projects completed on time, so your can put your property back on the market.

Renovation for Older Rental Units

Buying a distressed or outdated property gives you a way to build your real estate portfolio at a low up-front cost. With the right partners, you quickly make the unit ready to receive new tenants—who will be thrilled with the freshly renovated look and feel of the property. We work with designers and contractors who can give an old place a new look from kitchen and bath makeovers all the way to the final touches. Most importantly, we make sure this work is done right so it doesn’t require constant upkeep to fix hidden problems.

New Construction for Rental Properties

Real estate investment can be very lucrative. However, a run-down property can be a money pit. As a result, you might regret investing in real estate in the first place. If the risk of buying an older property is one you don’t want to take, you might consider building a property to rent out. When you build new units in desirable locations, you can command premium rental rates. We can help you manage the process from day one to build an ideal rental property from the ground up. Above all, we free up your time so you can focus on other things.

To learn more about our construction and renovation services, contact Ardent Residential today.