Rent Your Home to Quality Tenants

Your rental property isn’t your residence, but it’s still YOUR home. You have a right to be selective about who lives there. At Ardent, we help ensure that your home is rented to quality tenants. Most property owners have reasonable expectations for what this means. They want tenants who will:

  • Pay rent on time without being reminded
  • Notify maintenance immediately about any problems that could cause damage to the property
  • Handle minor maintenance tasks that don’t require skilled labor or expensive supplies
  • Treat neighbors politely and not create a noise disturbance
  • Keep up the exterior of the home to maintain curb appeal
  • Not ruin the interior of the home with smoking or pets that aren’t house-trained
  • Stay for the duration of their lease agreement
  • Give plenty of notice about whether they want to renew their lease or not
  • Leave the home in good condition for the next renter

They DON’T want squatters, scammers, people who pay late or not at all, those who pose a risk to the community due to illegal activities, and complainers who are never satisfied.

5 Ways We Make Sure You Rent to Quality Tenants

  1. Setting the price of your rental property appropriately is one good way to attract the right tenants. Too low, and responsible tenants may wonder what’s wrong with the property or neighborhood and choose to stay away. Too high, and you will have a much smaller pool of tenants to choose from. We use our knowledge of the local market to set the price in the right range.
  2. The way the property is marketed is another factor for attracting several prospective tenants. It’s a lot easier to choose the best tenant for your property when you have more than one option. We market your property to draw in the tenants you want.
  3. A thorough background check including credit and criminal history is critical, along with reference checks with the applicant’s employer and previous landlord. We take care of background checks to screen out tenants with a sketchy history.
  4. An eviction report that checks for a pattern of non-payment is also essential. If someone is moving from one property to the next every few months, that’s a red flag. Your profitability is higher when tenants stay in one place for longer. We investigate past rental history to select those most likely to stick around (and pay on time!)
  5. Finally, it’s important to conduct a tenant interview the right way. This is an opportunity to gauge whether a tenant is going to respect the property, the community, and the terms of the lease agreement. Ardent is committed to placing quality tenants in your rental home while following best practices and adhering to the Fair Housing Act.

When you partner with us to manage this process, you have greater peace of mind about what’s going on in your rental home. Call us today at (844) 927-3368 if you have more questions about how to rent your home to quality tenants.