Rental Property Maintenance and Repair Management

Maybe you enjoyed the process of renovating a home or condo when you first bought it. But you really don’t want to manage the day-to-day upkeep for tenants. Handling rental property maintenance can turn you into a full-time handyman. With a full-service management company, you have the option to be hands off with your property. At Ardent, we have a strong network of trusted, reliable service providers to handle all aspects of rental property maintenance. We deal with all the details so you don’t have to.

Here are a few of the situations Ardent can handle for you.

Before Your Tenants Arrive

Make Ready

From curb appeal to interior staging, we can make your rental property ready to attract high quality tenants. Well-maintained properties don’t stay on the market long, because there are no problems to make tenants hesitate.

Pre-rental Inspection

We can document the state of the rental property before tenants move in. This step provides protection for your investment. So, if tenants cause damage or undue wear, you will have evidence on your side.

During The Rental Period

Ongoing Maintenance

Well maintained properties make for happy tenants. We ensure that all requests for service are handled promptly and satisfactorily. This can include landscaping, gutter cleaning, and much more. As a result, your tenants will enjoy their stay and are more likely to pay on time.

Emergency Service

The last thing you want is a late night or holiday call from a tenant with a busted pipe or a broken A/C. We have systems in place to quickly address emergency maintenance requests, so tenants don’t become frustrated. This means you can enjoy being a landlord without disrupting your own busy life.

After Tenants Vacate

Move-out Inspection

After tenants move out, it’s time to assess the condition of the property. We take care to document any issues that may impact the disposition of the security deposit. Plus, we can fix any issues quickly to prepare the property for the next tenants and reduce the time spent vacant.

Major Repairs and Renovation

What if your rental property is due for a complete overhaul? What if there is serious damage due to severe weather? We can manage rental property repair projects of any size.

Put down the wrench and pick up the phone. Talk with our experts about how we can take property management problems off your hands.