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Josh Zane Morton

Director, Association Management

Every business in America should have their own “Josh” – totally dedicated and committed to EVERYTHING Ardent – our brand, our mission, his teammates, our clients – EVERYTHING!

Josh began his career (more than 10 years ago) at Ardent as a Customer Service Representative. He is a “stickler for detail” and rapidly worked his way up become our Director of Compliance. Josh literally knows every aspect of the HOA management business and you won’t ever find Josh taking a shortcut.

He says that “the most important part of my job is ensuring our managers know that things are to be done right. We don’t sacrifice quality to meet a deadline” which is where we find ourselves “cleaning up” after on-boarding new HOA clients. As Josh says “do it right the first time!”

Josh also maintains a small portfolio of Ardent clients so he can ‘stay connected’ to the services that we deliver to our clients. This gives him the advantage of saying “this is how I do it” instead of “this is how you do it” to everyone he trains.

Josh is passionate about Jesus, life, family and friends. He stays active by “hitting the gym,” riding his Peloton, and walking on the Atlanta Beltline. He’s adventurous by nature, and says “From the bottom of my heart – I’m a true Momma’s boy!”

We are more than blessed to have Josh inspire us every day he’s here with us!

Josh Zane Morton - Director of Business Services
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