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The Difference Between Project Management and Vendor Management


Want to level up your HOA management game? Join Josh Morton and Urania Murillo as they dive into the difference between project management and vendor management. They’ll give you valuable insight into your HOA’s relationship with vendors and tips on how to streamline capital improvements.

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Ardent Residential Community Management Webinar Series

Navigating Assessment Collection Challenges in an Inflated Economy

Welcome to our exclusive webinar, where we delve into the pressing issue of inflation and its impact on Homeowners and Condo Associations in the United States of America. In the ...year 2023, the effects of inflation are becoming increasingly prevalent across various industries, and the housing sector is no exception.

We are thrilled to have Anthony Rosario, the Director of Accounting at Ardent Residential, as our expert speaker for this webinar. With years of experience and expertise in financial management, Anthony will guide you through the intricate process of collecting assessments from homeowners with precision and effectiveness, specifically tailored to the current inflationary climate.

During this insightful session, Anthony will unpack valuable strategies and practical tips that HOA Board of Directors can implement to ensure accurate and efficient assessment collection from homeowners. He will shed light on the challenges posed by inflation and how it affects the financial stability of Homeowners and Condo Associations.
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