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New York might be known as the Big Apple, but with it’s continuous vertical growth over the last 30 years it now boasts record numbers of Homeowner and Condominium Associations as well. With home ownership in the state at 53%, over 35% of those homes are part of a managed community! As the city see’s record numbers of residents, more and more young commuters are choosing the comfort of suburb communities, and the protections an HOA brings, as their preferred choice for a first or second home.

New York City Neighborhood

With so many New York communities looking for Association management, it’s no surprise that many “Big-Box” Management companies have swept in to grab as much cash as possible from these newly formed communities, before their reputation for mismanagement catches up with them.

Ardent Residential was formed with local community values, communication and unification as our management foundation. We take pride in fostering continued relationships with each community-partner we steward. This means you can rest easy, knowing that in times of need you’ll always have a number to call, instead of just being some number who called.


New York

New York City

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