5 Tips to Recruit Homeowners to Run for the HOA Board

Run for the HOA Board

A homeowner’s association can’t operate properly without an engaged, motivated membership. But how do you convince residents to run for the HOA board? Board members don’t get paid—and you can’t offer any “incentives” that would undermine the volunteer nature of the position. In an era where people are busier than ever, asking folks to donate…Read More

How to Calculate HOA Assessments

Calculate HOA Assessments

Is it time to calculate HOA assessments again? Nobody likes paying HOA dues. But what community members REALLY don’t like is feeling that their fees are increasing for no reason. This makes it tempting to keep assessments the same from year after year. However, that’s not a viable solution for most associations. What does work…Read More

Should Your Condo Association Consider Deconversion?

Condo Deconversion

In some regions of the country, condos are a hot commodity. In fact, they are such an attractive type of property that investors are vying for the chance to buy them up and turn them into rental properties. This is most likely to happen in areas where the cost of new construction for apartments is…Read More