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What Makes Ardent Residential Different?

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After 25 years in the property / association management business, we’ve reviewed proposals from hundreds of different companies. And 99% of their proposals say something like this:

“Look at us! Look at us! We’re great! We’re the best!”

But here’s the thing… When they’re shouting out loud about how great they are, how much are they listening to you? My father, a very wise man, used to tell me, “When their mouths are open, their ears are closed.”

We are all about protecting your home, your community and your family.

That’s the bottom line.


Ardent Core Values

  • Your property values always protected by the Ardent “Value Guard Shield of Protection”
  • Deeply CARING about YOU, your home, your community and your family
  • You are under our CARE, our protection and our guidance
  • YOU first / People first
  • Always striving for successful solutions and outcomes
  • Always do right by YOU and your community
  • Values before process – always
  • Developing and creating a culture of excellence – in every way imaginable
  • Show up with our best foot forward
  • Persisting without exception
  • We will treat you like BELOVED family
  • DO IT RIGHT the first time
  • Exceed expectations – go above and beyond
  • It all comes down to caring, integrity and trust.
Ardent Core Values

Ardent Commitments / Promises

  • A loyal and eternal commitment to CARE – in every way possible
  • To make YOU (our clients) first
  • Truth, values and integrity
  • To be relentless and resourceful including a “Can-Do Against All Odds Performance and Attitude”
  • Doing our best to deliver an ArdentCARES “Dream Come True Experience”
  • Exceeding your expectations – in every way imaginable
  • Making your experience a resounding success
  • Elevate your community reputation
  • Going the extra distance
  • Available whenever you need us – daytimes, night times, weekends, 24 / 7 / 365
  • Respect – always
  • Sincerity – always
  • Utilizing our reputation to your advantage
  • 100% engaged and fully present at all times
  • Passionate
  • Nurturing powerful and protective RELATIONSHIPS with our clients and their communities
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Our word is our bond
  • Never losing sight of the big picture
  • Learning and discovering every day
  • Giving back to our communities and our people.
Ardent's Commitments and Promises Front Door

Ardent Guarantees / Promises

  • Confidentiality
  • Honest and sincere feedback
  • Fair fees – up front / no surprises
  • Response times – return your calls / respond to emails the same day
  • Punctuality / timeliness for meetings, appointments, etc.
  • Treated with professionalism and common courtesy
  • Accuracy of information you present
  • Competency
  • Being present – active listening
  • Taking action
  • Not to ever waste their time.
Ardent's Guarantees and Promises Front Door

Ardent Residential

Additional Services

Financial Management Services

Financial Accounting Services

Assessments Billing and Collection, Accounting and Recording services are available with Ardent residential.

Risk Management & Insurance

Ardent reviews your policies and determines if your HOA and all of its assets are properly covered today and into the future.

Insurance Claim Management

Ardent manages your insurance claims to avoid missing crucial and key deadlines,  looking out for your Association.

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Property Management & Maintenance Services

Building & Facilities Management

Providing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for your communities’ buildings and facilities.

Covenant Enforcement & Architectural Control

Ardent Residential can effectively enforce covenants, rules and regulations with accuracy and efficiency.

Declarant, Developer & Construction Services

Balancing the needs of the HOA membership with the goals of a declarant-based Board of Directors.

Vendor Management & Contract Negotiation

Ardent can recommend and manage vendors that are reputable and have a positive track record within their field.

Utility Sub-Meter Reading & Billing

Energy Conservation as a Result of Sub-Metering in your community.

COA Lifestyle and Club Services

Ardent can handle some of the most popular HOA additional services.

Emergency Services

Problems don’t always, or even usually, arise during business hours. We’re here to help.

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Administrative Services

Board & Member Meetings

Always listening and learning when running HOA or COA Board and member meetings.

Elections & Governance

HOA Elections and Governance with active members of your association.

Homeowner Communications

Getting important community information out to your community’s homeowners.

Onsite Services

There is no substitute for simply being there.

Leasing Administration

Leasing Administration services allow your Association to protect property values and maintain quality of life.

Owner Delinquency & Collection Services

Delinquent owners take time and resources away from the community.

Closing Services

Making sure the home sale has a smooth closing within the community.

Documents for Sale

Ardent Residential’s State based documents are available to assist you in your official duties.

Event Planning

Hosting a great event is both an art and a science. We work hard to make you look great.

Concierge Services

Considering Adding COA Concierge Services for Your Community?

Consulting Services

Association Management Professionals & Consulting Services.

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