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At Ardent Residential, we don’t just manage properties –- we create relationships. Our vast network of talented vendors is carefully vetted to guarantee top-rate craftsmanship at competitive rates for the associations that rely on us as their property management partner. We take pride in ensuring accuracy and timeliness with vendor invoices and payments -– giving our clients peace of mind so they can rest assured that every job will be completed efficiently and professionally!

We encourage our clients to use our network of qualified, vetted, and approved vendors that we stand behind. It’s our job to ensure the vendors used on-site are licensed and insured, as well as providing high-quality workmanship at competitive rates.

To help our clients out, Ardent Residential makes sure all vendors working in an association we manage are registered with Viper Verified. Once you give us the scoop about your company – along with some paperwork -Viper will do a few checks to make sure everything’s kosher! You’ll be notified if any extra info is needed or when you’re approved as a vendor.


How to become an Ardent Residential Vendor

At Ardent Residential, we’re all about protecting our clients – that’s why any vendors working on-site at a Ardent managed association must register with Viper Verified. For an annual fee of $199, they’ll run background checks to make sure you meet the requirements for being approved as one of their trusted vendors! Once your company is registered and has submitted it’s information & documents (which will only take minutes), Viper will do its thing so you can get back to work soon after.

Why is Ardent Residential partnering with Viper Verified?

Ardent Residential is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of our clients and keeps this as a top priority. We don’t want just any contractors performing work in our managed associations; we strive for excellence every step of the way, which includes making sure everything from insurance coverage and licensure are up-to-date with no criminal or financial issues – all hallmarks that speak directly to quality assurance! To make sure these standards are met, Ardent Residential has teamed up with Viper Verified who boast an experienced team made specifically out of licensed insurance pros plus they have already shown their worth through past successes.

How we benefit you

Ready to take your business to the next level? Join our list of Ardent-approved vendors, who have all been held up to high standards and quality assurance. Our managers are actively searching Viper Verified’s database for new partner companies – so getting compliant is essential when you want in on the action! Plus, other bidders will be just as professional with comparable insurance coverage – giving everyone a fair chance at project bidding. Want even more details about how becoming a Viper vendor can benefit your company? Check out this link for additional information!

Partnering with Ardent Residential

At Ardent Residential, we’re proud to be connected with great vendors who help us deliver an even better service for our managed associations. If you’re a vendor and would like the chance to build stronger relationships with our managers, becoming one of Ardent Residential’s Preferred Vendors could really open up some fantastic opportunities – from networking events & collaborations through social media campaigns & more!


Reach out to Viper Verified at; We’ll tell you everything there is know about getting involved in this amazing program!

What are the requirements to participate as a preferred vendor?

Qualified contractors are encouraged to apply.

Preferred Vendor Status is based on criteria such as appropriate licenses and insurance certificates, Online ratings and social media reviews also play a part. All basic requirements are the same regardless of trade, specialized trades will vary depending on the trade.

A nominal application fee is required. This fee allows our team to research performance, sales history, business records and follow up on references.

Our end goal is to partner with only the most trusted businesses and professionals.

All Preferred Vendors must adhere to Ardent’s code of ethics, a detailed description of our requirements are listed on the application page.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our vendors always adhere to the highest business practice standards in the Community Association Management industry.

Preferred Vendor Network

Ardent Residential’s Preferred Vendor Network consists of licensed, bonded, insured contractors that specialize in all aspects of the industry. With our extensive list of service providers, clients of Ardent can ensure that their community needs are met from start to finish.

Joining our preferred network gives you some awesome perks:

  • Actively promote your services to both board members and managers
  • Receive updated manager list with names, phone numbers, emails every quarter
  • Opportunities to offer education through lunch and learns
  • Opportunities to network with vendor breakfasts
  • Attend manager and board training throughout the year
  • Digital recognition and various opportunities to have your materials available for the management team
  • Featured as a preferred vendor with logo on Ardent’s website
  • Featured as a preferred vendor with company logo on different eblasts that go out to our network of over 25,000 subscribers throughout the year
  • Host events at Ardent headquarters
  • Opportunity to host events at community events throughout the year
  • Access to managers for after hour events

Ardent Residential

Additional Vendor / Community Interfaces

Sponsor A Community Event

There are many different opportunities for vendors to interact with board members and homeowners to include pool parties, annual meetings, community social events and more!

Advertise on Our Client Portals

We offer our vendors the opportunity to advertise their services on our community portal pages. This gives our homeowners the ability to have convenient access to recommended vendors.

Host An Event At Our Corporate Offices

We offer many different opportunities for our venders to host events at our corporate office.

This includes manager meetings, CE classes and many different types of training each month.

Meet The Managers

Vendor and manager networking is extremely important in order to begin that process of establishing a rapport with one another.

Become A Preferred Vendor

In order to become a preferred vendor with Ardent Residential there are many difference compliance and information needed in order to ensure we are only engaging with trusted and dependable vendors in any of our communities.

Check it out today!

Become aa Ardent Vendor, Man applying online.



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