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Monica Carmody

Director of Recruiting and Director of Vendor Services

As Ardent continues to acquire new HOA clients, we give much of the credit to Monica. She is a terrific recruiter and brand ambassador. Now there’s no such thing as a stranger to Monica, and in some crazy way, she doesn’t aggressively pursue new clients. She has a tendency of meeting them in coffee shops, the grocery store, the fitness center – everywhere! She’s amazing!

She also is our Director of Vendor Services. Monica is responsible for finding the “Best-of-the Best” contractors, landscape maintenance services, pool services – anything that our clients need. She’s also brilliant at gaining discounts from them – savings that we pass on to our HOA’s. Don’t let that beautiful smile fool you… She’s tough and demanding on our vendors, and has little patience for no-shows, late arrivals, etc. This is the person you want on your side, making sure your projects are completed on-time and on-budget!

Monica has been in the real estate business for over 10 years. She loves being with her 3 children, going to outdoor events like the Candler Park Music Festival, the Halloween Parade at Little Five Points, and just about anything that has food and music outdoors.

She’s passionate about holistic health, non-tox living, and raising and teaching her beautiful children to be the very best they can be.


Monica Carmody Director of Recruiting
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