Organizers of an HOA members meeting often discover that getting enough homeowners to attend to meet quorum can be quite a challenge. You can be one of those who struggle to get the required attendance, or you can become the one to discover tried and true ways to get homeowners to attend HOA meetings. Here are some tips from those who have successfully run HOAs:

Appeal to their interests.

Know what homeowners are most concerned with and make it part of the agenda. Ensure that potential attendees know they will have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Bring in speakers to present information relevant to them. Communicate that this meeting is for them. When the focus is on how the meeting will help residents, they are more likely to attend.

Create an agenda.

Put out an agenda so attendees know why they are coming. Provide enough information to make them curious.

Create incentives for homeowners to attend.

Entice attendees to attend meetings by offering incentives and door prizes. It is hard to resist the opportunity to win something like tickets to a special event or a gift card for dinner at a nice restaurant just for showing up at a meeting.

Choose the right date and time.

If most of your homeowners work, set the meeting after evening rush hour. If most are of retirement age, an afternoon or morning meeting may work best. Choose a day that does not have competing events nearby or is close to a holiday weekend.

Find a convenient location.

The meeting location should be close to or within the community. The more convenient it is to attend, the more likely homeowners will show up.

Provide drinks and snacks.

Make it easy by providing snacks and beverages. This will be especially helpful for those bringing children or coming directly from work. Pizza or a cookout holds major appeal and will bring out attendees in record numbers.

Know your audience.

If you have a large number of homeowners with small children, consider hiring child care workers to entertain and occupy the kids.

Do double duty.

If you are scheduling a meeting close to the beginning of the swimming season, combine the meeting with the opportunity to hand out pool passes. This will increase attendance.

Set up reminders – lots of them!

While it is important to schedule your meeting in advance, it is equally important to give regular reminders to homeowners so attendance is as high as possible. Signage throughout the community, social media mentions, website banners, and email messages are all excellent ways to keep the meeting at the forefront of their minds. Communication is important.

Once your attendees show up at your HOA members’ meeting, what you do next will help ensure your future success. Staying on task and respecting the agenda, as well as the time of those in attendance, will pave the way for increased attendance at future meetings. Running a tight meeting and using these top ways to get homeowners to attend HOA meetings make for success in meeting quorum, building community, and achieving goals.

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