If you are looking for advice on how to hire the best concierge team for your condo association, we have some valuable tips. We can help you get the team you need to deliver an upscale service to your residents. A high-quality concierge team does more than greet residents upon arrival, even though that feature certainly adds a neighborhood feel to your condo community. So, understanding what a concierge team can do for your residents is a great place to start and will give you a foundation for finding the right individuals.

What Is a Concierge Team?

A concierge team is a group of professionals devoted to making condo living better than any resident believed it could be. These individuals handle security for the building, but they also manage several chores to save residents time. Here are a few of the chores for your condominium concierge team.

  • Making reservations and appointments.
  • Scheduling service providers like housekeeping, personal chefs, and movers.
  • Granting condo access to contractors and maintenance specialists for resident requests.
  • Handling incoming and outgoing deliveries for residents.

Scouting the Members of Your Concierge Team

In your search for the right members of your concierge team, seek out both experienced and junior concierge. You want likable professionals who are the epitome of hospitality. So, your team should be a diverse one. Ideal candidates are those with hotel concierge experience.

When choosing your team, consider the demographics of your residents. For example, if most of your residents are young, a younger concierge team will work best. They will be up-to-date on the latest clubs, the dating scene, and what’s on-trend. On the other hand, an older concierge team will likely fit better connections for shows, culture, and high-end shopping and services if your residents are predominantly mature.

Hiring and Keeping the Best Concierge Team for Your Condo Association

Once you’ve found the ideal potential candidates, the next step is to recruit them. Once they are on board, keep them happy, so they want to stay in your employ for the long haul. Create a generous compensation package that includes an appealing salary and excellent benefits. A quality concierge team is not made up of entry-level positions. To maintain the team you want to build, paying them well is essential.

Your team members should also have opportunities to grow and develop in their chosen field. Offering tuition reimbursement with professional and personal development courses is always appealing. Treat your team like the professionals they are. Allowing them input on their workspace, procedures, and services offered are effective ways to acknowledge their expertise. As with any employee, recognition for going above and beyond also positively impacts job satisfaction.

Knowing how to hire the best concierge team for your condo association, you can rest assured that your new team will be one that every resident will love. To learn more about concierge teams, contact an Ardent Residential team member today.