how to run an effective condo association meetingKnowing how to run an effective condo association meeting makes all the difference in your efforts to build community. Of the residents, investors and executive board members you want to attend executive condo association meetings, few have the time to spend hours on trivial discussions and poorly planned meetings.

To effectively run a meeting, it is important to keep it concise, on-topic, relevant and to use correct board meeting rules of conduct. These tips for running effective condo association meetings are the pathway to success.

1. Agendas Lead to Success

Before your condo association meeting, create an agenda, share it and stick to it. First, starting on time is critical to establishing and maintaining credibility. Next, it also helps ensure attendees will get into the habit of arriving on time. Lastly, it is just as important is adjourning on time. The president, or another board member who is running the meeting, needs to set a time for adjournment and stick to it. In fact, it is better to overestimate the amount of time a meeting will take and adjourn early.

2. The Right Schedule Holds Attention

Keep the business portion of the meeting as brief as possible. Many of those who attend are not interested in the minutiae of the condo association, but want up-to-date information relevant to them, and need an opportunity to share their opinion on what matters to them.

3. Old Business

Present old business as reports. Since prior meetings addressed those topics, only recent progress and new developments should be on the current agenda.

4. New Business

Since new business has the potential to take a long time, organizers can curb this portion of the meeting by requiring submission of all new business before the start of the meeting.

5. Beef Up Attendance

Appeal to potential attendees by making it easy to attend. The meeting should be at a convenient location and time. Offering them something in return for their presence will also ensure maximum attendance and engagement. Supplying food or having a drawing for those in attendance will help you fill the seats and provide the interaction you want from your community.

6. Communication and Sharing

Communication is key to effective condo association meetings. As the organizing body of your condo association, be as transparent as possible. The more you share with stakeholders, the better the relationship between the board members and residents will be.

7. Allow the Attendees to Speak

Give everyone the opportunity to speak. Make sure your agenda includes the opportunity for every committee to have their say. Allow sufficient time for the presentation of new business and concerns from the community, even if it means limiting the amount of time each person can speak.

Applying these tips on how to run an effective condo association meeting will ensure you achieve more during your meetings. They will also help attract more resident participation in future meetings. A well-run condo association will make for happier residents and a community that is well-regarded as a great place to live.

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