Online Homeowner PortalDo you want to create less work for your HOA board and more satisfaction for your community members? Providing an online homeowner portal is a simple way to accomplish these goals. Here are a few of the ways going virtual makes your homeowners’ association run more smoothly.

#1 Streamline Billing and Payment

Except for that rare homeowner who still likes to pay by check, most of your members would probably prefer to pay bills online. Make it easy for them to check on their account status and pay their assessment fees through a secure portal. With automated billing reminders, there’s even less chance that homeowners will let their accounts become delinquent.

#2 Manage Maintenance Requests

Nothing irritates homeowners more than having to repeat a service request to one person after another until it finally gets dealt with. Endless email threads and phone tag just add to the frustration. But an online portal ensures that maintenance requests are documented and promptly delivered to the right party to be addressed. Your maintenance team can also post updates here. This way homeowners can check the status at any time and know that their requests are being taken seriously. The portal can also be a place where members check on the status of architectural requests and other items under review.

#3 Make Documents Accessible

All HOA members have the right to have access to many of the HOA’s records, including the founding documents, meeting minutes, and more. Rather than having board members or the secretary fulfill requests manually, members can simply search and find what they need online. Once they get in the habit of self-service, they can find the answers to many questions without additional help. In fact, adding an FAQ document to your HOA portal could save even more time.

#4 Collect and Address Feedback

People don’t necessarily want to wait until the next HOA meeting to share their opinion with the board. Providing a place for members to submit ideas or voice complaints gives your HOA a clear picture of what the community is thinking and how to better serve them. The board can review and address comments submitted through the portal in a timely manner. By doing this quickly members feel they are being heard.

#5 Drive Community Engagement

Are you giving members a reason to keep coming back and engaging with their HOA? An online portal can be a place where the community feels more connected. Posting details about policy changes, upcoming events, and other information in your online HOA platform adds yet another reason for folks to log in and check things out.

Want to Launch an Online Homeowners’ Portal for your HOA?

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