Summer Tips for Your Condo AssociationYou want your residents to be safe at all times and during the summer, that can be even more important. Because summer is a popular time to travel, many residents will be away at various times. Whether they are traveling for an extended vacation or a weekend excursion, keeping a watchful eye on the community will be paramount. You’ll want to make sure that your residents follow these tips that can help keep everyone safe and bring them together.

Form a Watch Group for Your Condominium Association

You should reach out to your residents and invite them to become a part of the watch group. This group of individuals will help keep a watchful eye on the common areas as well as watch for any burglary or vandalism. If someone is going to be away on another vacation, this is also a great resource to keep a close eye on that unit while they are away. There is strength in numbers and this is a great way to ensure that all residents help keep an eye on the building.

Ensure Quality Access Control

There will be many people coming in and out of the building during summer months but you want to limit it to the residents and their guests. This includes making sure the doors are locked and accessible by key cards, adding video surveillance, and more. The last thing you want is anyone walking into the building that does not belong there. Ensuring that these extra safety measures are in place will help keep everyone safer and more secure.

Hold Mail in the Office

If someone is going to be away from their unit on vacation, ask that they notify you. Not only is it good to know but it is also a good idea to ensure that you hold mail and packages for them until they return. An overflowing mailbox is a good sign that someone is not home and you do not want to give that impression to anyone. This is just an added service you should add as part of your safety program.

With these tips, everyone will be more aware of anything that does not seem right so everyone can stay safe. For more information about condo safety tips for the summer, be sure to reach out to Ardent Residential today.