There’s a lot to love about moving and living in an HOA community. Here are the top 6 reasons why living in an HOA community is great:

1. Selection of Amenities

Depending on the type of community, you can have access to desirable recreational amenities that suit your lifestyle. Typical amenities include walking trails, parks, sports courts, gyms, and swimming pools.

Part of the HOA dues homeowners pay goes to the running of the upkeep of these facilities. You will have access to these desirable amenities as long as you are a member of the association.

In non-HOA communities, residents are entirely responsible for the maintenance of their amenities and for hiring their own vendors and contractors. The HOA fees make it possible for the maintenance responsibilities to be taken off of the residents.

2. Well-Maintained Community

Aside from these facilities, residents also enjoy living in a beautiful, well-maintained community. The common lawns are sodded and landscaped, trees are trimmed regularly, community walls and fences are freshly painted, and the neighborhood is always clean and well-lit.

A well-maintained community is not only pleasant to live in and contributes to your mental health and well-being. It also helps in stabilizing your property’s values over the long run.

3. Stabilized Property Values

HOAs are proven to stabilize home values and prevent domino foreclosures. This is because common areas are well-kept and residents follow strict home appearance and lawn care rules. There is no to little risk of a bad property negatively affecting all of the neighborhood’s property value. Buying into an HOA community will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

4. Deterred Nuisance

HOAs want to keep the peace and harmony in the community. As such, they have regulations about nuisance activities that apply to residents, their pets, as well as their guests. Inconsiderate and nuisance activities are less frequent because all homeowners need to comply with these rules and the HOA does not tolerate unruly behavior and may levy fines on delinquents.

If you want to live in a peaceful neighborhood where residents live harmoniously, a community within an association or an HOA community is the way to go.

5. Dispute Settlement

Misunderstandings commonly arise among neighbors, may it be because of their dog’s persistent barking or loud parties that last until the wee hours. Should a dispute arise between neighbors in an HOA-governed community, it’s guaranteed that the issue will be handled well by the association and given a proper resolution quickly and amicably.

The association also resolves issues concerning amenities, common areas, and the community as a whole.

6. Sense of Community Engagement

HOA communities regularly organize community gatherings and activities such as welcome parties for new residents (in some communities), block parties for the holidays, themed festivals, and homeowner’s meetings.

These activities are aimed to help residents know each other, create personal bonds, foster a sense of community and belongingness, and boost overall community engagement. These help all residents feel happy and “at home” in their community.


Photos by Joe Ciciarelli, Margot Polinder, and Headway on Unsplash