HOA meeting minutes contain information on what was discussed in a meeting and what actions were taken.

It is used to track progress, state future plans, and a reference that can be returned to in case of dispute or confusion. It’s also used by those who couldn’t attend the meeting to stay updated on HOA matters.

The minutes are official and legal records of the meeting of the Board or the whole association. The Board is required to write minutes of every meeting where there is quorum. 

How To Prepare to Write HOA Meeting Minutes

Different HOAs and states use different formats so make sure to check with your HOA president and review past meeting minutes. It’s a great idea to use a template on the day to write more structured minutes.

Additionally, ask for a copy of the meeting agenda and list of attendees beforehand. 

Although it’s the secretary’s (or the assigned minute-taker’s) job to write the minutes, all board members are encouraged to take down notes for their own record-keeping.

What To Include In HOA Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes should contain the following information:

  • Date of the meeting
  • Time the meeting was called to order
  • Names of the meeting participants and absentees
  • Corrections and amendments to previous meeting minutes
  • Additions to the current agenda
  • Whether a quorum is present
  • Motions taken or rejected
  • Voting-that there was a motion and second, and the outcome of the vote
  • Actions taken or agreed to be taken
  • Next steps
  • Items to be held over
  • New business
  • Open discussion or public participation
  • Next meeting date and time
  • Time of adjournment

What NOT To Include In HOA Meeting Minutes

1. Irrelevant Discussions

Such as discussion unrelated to the agenda. As a rule of thumb, the content of the minute should reflect all the items stated on the agenda. Only jot down items associated with it.

2. Personal Opinions

The minutes are an objective and impartial record of the meeting discussion. Thus, the secretary or minute-taker shouldn’t include any criticism, personal opinion or praise in the minutes.

3. Word-for-Word Dialogue

Minutes are NOT a transcript of what transpired in the meeting. They should mainly contain items that were voted upon as well as specific motions that transpired at the meeting.

4. Special Formatting

Avoid emboldening, italicizing, or underlining words to emphasize them, as well as using unnecessary punctuations like exclamation points and quotation marks. Strictly follow your HOA’s standard format or layout for meeting minutes.


Photos by J. Kelly Brito and Lauren Mancke on Unsplash