Our Day of Thanks


Like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Labor Day is a summer holiday commonly associated with backyard barbecues, pool parties, parades, and other warm weather fun. But for Ardent Residential, Labor Day is far more than just ushering out summer, it’s the most important business holiday we celebrate as a company.

Labor Day honors the American worker, and while the actual history surrounding how this national holiday came about is interesting, we believe who the holiday commemorates is what’s most important. Labor Day is far too often overlooked by businesses and we pride ourselves on being a catalyst to change that.

Our Greatest Strength

At Ardent Residential our workforce is who we really are. Each individual at Ardent contributes to the overall success of the business, without our team we don’t exist. And without a successful team, Ardent Residential wouldn’t be the successful business it is today. What Ardent Residential as a company has achieved since its inception is a direct reflection of the hard work and determination of the diverse group of people who have dedicated their time, effort and energy to achieving a common goal.

We recognize that our greatest asset is the office staff, community managers and volunteer board members that connect each day under our umbrella. And that’s why, to us at least, the day that celebrates the backbone of our company is the most important one we celebrate each year.

Our Sincere Thanks

Labor Day Thank You
The American worker is the most productive on the planet, and it’s because of this alone that the United States has become a beacon of light to the rest of the world. We at Ardent Residential offer up our most sincere appreciation to each member of our “work family”, and extend this thanks to each and every person seeing this message. Without you, nothing would be possible. Thank You.


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