Fall is a great season to get together with the members in your condo association. As the leaves change color and autumn approaches, it’s time to start planning some amazing events! From pumpkin carving contests to scary movies nights, these 7 events will keep everyone entertained and engaged. Round up your neighbors and start planning!


1. Neighborhood Potluck

potluck image


Everyone loves a good barbeque, and you’ll never know how good a cook your neighbor might be until you try their food! A potluck is a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and build a sense of community, and they’re super easy to organize. All you’ll need is a date, time and location!

2. Halloween Costume Party



October is just around the corner, and it isn’t too early to start planning a lively costume party in the spirit of Halloween. Costume parties are an incredible opportunity to let your residents show their creative side. Remember, though, to set guidelines to keep the dress-up family friendly.

3. Pumpkin Carving Contest

pumpkin carving condo association fall events

To go with our previous entry, we’ve chosen to include everyone’s favorite Fall icon. Pumpkin carving has evolved somewhat in the past few years with a flood of professionally designed lanterns that rival Da Vinci. We’ve always preferred the homemade ones, though.


4. Scary Movie Night

scary movies nights arent for everybody, but they can be a great condo association fall event


For those looking to embrace the spookier side of the season, a scary movie night might just do the trick. Be aware of your residents, though, and choose an appropriate film. Not everyone can handle The Exorcist, but some lighter movies hit the perfect balance between fun and an adrenaline rush.

5. Holiday Cookie Exchange


We know, it’s a little early to be thinking about the holidays—but it’s never too early to start creating the baked goods associated with the season. There’s nothing like a good sugar cookie or gingerbread man to lift one’s spirits!

6. Getting Involved with Community Service

community service can be a great condo association event


As the calendar steadily approaches December, many condo associations think about giving back to the surrounding area. The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to invest in local charities, set up food drives, or minister to the unhoused in your area.

7. Kids’ Sports Camp


Our kids represent the future of our condo or homeowner’s associations. While younger residents might not always value “adult” events, a sporting event gets legs moving and blood flowing. Ask for parents to volunteer to bring water, snacks, and even referee a game or two. Do you miss the days when kids would play basketball with their friends in the neighbor’s driveway? It might be time to give adolescent relationships in your community a little push in the right direction.


During the pandemic, we became desensitized to human interaction. It may take some coaxing to bring your residents out of the woodwork and into the ballroom, but it’s worth it! Associations can seize this liminal moment to bring residents together and rebuild the community that many of us lost in 2020. Hope is on the horizon!



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