Board members get the short end of the stick. It’s a tough and often thankless job, but there are a few simple ways to make your life just a little bit easier.

  1. Use better technology

association board members can use better technology

At this point, most community associations use some form of technology to streamline their services. Yet if your software is a few years out of date, it can be a fight with the computer to keep everything working properly. Upgrading might be a significant amount of work in the short-term, but over time you’ll find that board members will need to spend fewer hours crunching data. From paying dues to simple information storage, a quality piece of software increases efficiency, reduces costs, and makes the board member’s life significantly easier.

  1. Run shorter meetings

association board members must run shorter meetings

Way too often, board meetings take too long. Time is the most valuable resource in the world, but we’re all guilty of wasting it with topics that could easily be resolved in an email or text message. Increase your meeting efficiency by setting a strict agenda and a firm cutoff time. Don’t let your colleagues take hour-long tangents that lack real substance.

  1. Reevaluate unenforceable rules

It’s always a good idea to periodically revise your community association’s governing documents and list of rules for residents. Occasionally, you’ll find an outdated or unenforceable rule that only serves to waste the board’s time and hold the association back from organic growth.

  1. Reduce misinformation

Miscommunication is the downfall of many organizations. Sometimes, we think we’ve clearly explained our viewpoint, but unintentionally conveyed something else completely different. Ask probing questions during your board meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Keep an open line of communication with your residents, allowing them to voice their opinions and concerns about the board’s direction. After all, your residents are the reason you do this job in the first place!


  1. Hire a management company

Here at Ardent Residential, we know firsthand how difficult it is to run a community association. That’s why we’ve implemented all these tips in our processes to provide board members the highest quality service. We handle everything from covenant enforcement to assessment collection, giving precious time back to you and your colleagues. Our job is to make the board members role as easy as possible. To learn more about how we can make your life easier, contact us today at




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