As the number of homeowner associations continues to grow, the importance of community amenities and offerings has never been higher. Residents considering association living are often evaluating amenity programing—making it a crucial component of your HOA or Condo Association.


Ardent’s Top Amenities:


1. Flexible, Accessible Workspaces


The pandemic created a culture of remote and hybrid work, and residents are seeking dedicated spaces within their community where they can attend meetings, work on projects, or conduct video conferences. These areas often serve dual purposes, functioning as communal lounges for resident events and as quiet work or study spaces.


2. Rentable Items

Surprisingly, some homeowners prefer the option to rent specific items rather than making permanent purchases. For high-rise communities, renting out storage cages can generate income for the association while offering additional storage options for residents. In master-planned communities with ample outdoor amenities, renting bicycles, kayaks, or paddleboards can resolve storage issues for specialized equipment use.


3. Small Markets


The booming hospitality industry has inspired savvy developers to include convenient markets within their properties. By providing this amenity, residents can easily purchase essential items without leaving the community.


4. Health & Wellness

With changing demographics, residents now seek more diverse fitness options beyond traditional cardio and weight machines. Communities are considering a broader range of fitness programs, such as yogo, Pilates, and other specialized workouts. Some communities find great success with neighborhood walking paths and other outdoor amenities that promote healthy living.


5. Pet-Friendly Amenities


The pandemic created more than just stay-at-home jobs—it also led to a surge in pet ownership. Communities are now considering amenities that cater to residents with outdoor and indoor companions. Dog parks, especially in communities with ample public space, provide recreational areas for pet owners to keep their friend healthy and socialize with other like-minded residents.



Keeping Up With Amenity Trends

Communities must remain vigilant when it comes to the changing trends in amenity offerings from their competitors. A lifestyle-driven resident experience can significantly impact a community in various ways. Residents who feel engaged and fulfilled take pride in their homes and community, leading to a heightened sense of belonging. It can even generate revenue through partnerships and programming opportunities, potentially stabilizing or even reducing HOA fees. Creating a unique residential experience builds a strong board of directors, and makes your community more desirable.


Keeping up with trends requires dedicated staff to streamline operations and ensure resident satisfaction, particularly in luxury communities. At Ardent Residential, we excel t bringing your community’s vision to life. Our expertise extends to creating exceptional ambiance, programming engaging events, fostering hospitality-level service, developing technology partnerships, and more.


Discover Ardent Residential’s menu of services today and learn about how we can create a customized community proposal for your HOA or condo association.




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