Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often consist of two main entities: the HOA board and the HOA management company. While both aim to ensure a well-run community, their roles differ significantly. This article aims to demystify these roles, providing clarity on an HOA board vs an HOA property management company.

HOA Board: The Community’s Backbone

The HOA board functions as the community’s decision-making authority. They take on the responsibility of maintaining shared properties like pools, clubhouses, and shared walls. Additionally, the board enforces covenants, oversees budgets, and engages vendors. Their work focuses on upholding the community’s best interests and aims to preserve or even enhance property values. They also liaise with residents, ensuring that community standards meet everyone’s expectations.

HOA Management Company: The Helping Hand

An HOA management company assists the board in day-to-day operations. They handle administrative work and communicate with residents. However, they don’t make decisions; they act as advisors. For instance, they can help by coordinating with maintenance vendors, but they can’t hire or fire them.

Specific Duties: Who Does What?

Understanding the difference between an HOA vs. property management can be tricky. Here are some examples to help you out:

  1. Fines and Late Fees: The board decides, while the management company implements.
  2. Rules and Regulations: The board enforces, while the management company communicates.
  3. Maintenance Requests: The board approves, while the management company coordinates.

The Role of Technology in Modern HOAs

In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in managing HOAs. Companies like Ardent Residential offer platforms where owners can access various documents, submit work orders, and more. If you’re looking for a reliable service, consider a property management agency in Alpharetta.

Your Next Steps: Making an Informed Decision

Before partnering with a management company, it’s crucial to understand the difference in responsibilities. This knowledge prevents misunderstandings and ensures a harmonious relationship between the HOA board, property management, and residents.

Take Action With Ardent Residential

If you’re seeking a trustworthy ally for your community management needs, look no further than Ardent Residential. Offering customized community portals and a diverse array of services, they stand as the go-to choice for modern HOAs. Their platform provides easy access to governing documents, insurance information, and financials, streamlining the management process. For a comprehensive solution that brings efficiency and transparency to your HOA, Ardent Residential is ready to come to your assistance.


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