The success of a homeowner’s association is rooted in the collaboration between its board and its residents. A harmonious relationship not only ensures the well-being of the community but also preserves property values and enhances the overall quality of living. In this blog, we’ll explore five essential ways your HOA board can establish and maintain a strong connection with residents, ultimately fostering a positive and engaged community.


1. Improve Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful HOA. It’s the responsibility of the board to keep homeowners informed about important matters. Simultaneously, homeowners should actively seek information, understand their governing documents, and participate in HOA board meetings. Open and transparent communication channels should be established, allowing both parties to voice their concerns and suggestions. A well-informed community is a more engaged and supportive one.


2. Seek Collective Solutions

When homeowners attend meetings and express their opinions, it’s crucial for the board to listen attentively. Board members are elected to represent the community’s best interests and should act as stewards for the entire membership. They must engage with homeowners, ask questions, and provide informed answers. If a query cannot be immediately addressed, a commitment to follow up in a timely manner is essential. Decisions should be made for the greater good of the association, with personal agendas set aside.

Community Association manager speaks with board members at homeowners association


3. Actively Engage with Homeowners

Proactive engagement is key to building positive relationships within the community. Board members should make an effort to connect with homeowners during informal settings such as at mailboxes, during walks within the HOA, at the pool, or in the clubhouse. Asking residents about their living experiences and soliciting feedback can go a long way in building rapport. Consider conducting member surveys to gauge sentiment and identify areas for improvement. The board’s willingness to engage fosters a sense of community and inclusivity.


4. Be Visible and Accessible

An “unknown” board can create an impression of indifference or complacency. It’s crucial for board members to be visible and accessible to residents. This means not only attending meetings but also actively participating in community events and initiatives. Board members should be approachable, and homeowners should feel comfortable reaching out with their concerns or ideas. A board that is actively involved in the community is more likely to earn the trust and respect of its residents.


5. Avoid Overbearing Behavior

A heavy-handed approach can be detrimental to community harmony. Board members must be open to different points of view and avoid the temptation to wield power or pursue personal agendas. Bullying or intimidating residents is counterproductive and damages the community’s atmosphere. Every homeowner deserves to be treated with respect, and a respectful and inclusive approach is more likely to yield positive results.


Consider Hiring an HOA Manager

If your HOA board is struggling to connect with residents or address the challenges mentioned above, it might be time to consider hiring an HOA manager. An experienced manager can help bridge the gap by taking on responsibilities like dues collection and enforcement, which can often strain the relationship between the board and residents. Additionally, HOA managers can automate administrative tasks, freeing up the board’s time to focus on more strategic leadership and community-building activities.

In today’s dynamic HOA landscape, where residents seek information and expect efficient management, boards can benefit from being better leaders by enlisting the help of an HOA manager. Remember that a thriving community is built on collaboration, open communication, and a shared commitment to making the association a great place to live. By following these five strategies and considering professional management, your HOA board can create a positive and harmonious living environment for all residents.




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