When you buy a home, the backyard often serves as a personal sanctuary. But what happens when you’re part of a Homeowners Association (HOA)? This article delves into whether an HOA can tell you what to do in your backyard. We’ll explore the extent of HOA authority, the types of rules they can enforce, and how you can navigate these regulations.

The Reach of HOA Rules

Can an HOA control your backyard? Absolutely. HOAs possess the authority to create and enforce rules that pertain to the appearance and usage of your backyard. If these rules are outlined in the association’s governing documents and don’t conflict with state or local laws, then the HOA board has the green light to dictate terms of what you can do with your backyard. This could mean limitations on fence heights, pool installations, and even the types of plants you can cultivate.

Why HOAs Hold This Power

Does an HOA control backyard aesthetics and activities for the fun of it? Not quite. The primary aim of an HOA can be to maintain property values and ensure a harmonious living environment among residents. For example, if you decide to install a large, noisy water feature in your backyard, it could disrupt the peace and quiet of the community, leading the HOA to step in.

Common Rules and Regulations

HOAs often have a list of common rules that homeowners must adhere to. These can range from prohibiting clotheslines for aesthetic reasons to banning pools for safety concerns. Does an HOA control backyard aesthetics through a preapproved list of plants? Yes, some do. They may also have rules about storage structures like sheds and even recreational installations like basketball hoops.

Making Changes Within HOA Guidelines

If you wish to make changes to your backyard, you can submit an architectural change request to the HOA board. While the board has the final say, they usually base their decisions on the community’s governing documents. So, can an HOA tell you what to do in your backyard? Yes, but they also offer a process for you to request exceptions.

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