Landing a contract with an HOA or Condo Board can be a real boon for a vendor.  The jobs are usually big and you can count on the customer to pay on time.  No doubt, these are contracts that vendors want to have renewed. To keep getting that work, you need to earn and keep the trust of the Board.

Choosing who to select to do the work on the property is one of the most important jobs assigned to HOA and Condo Boards. Not only do residents and owners want their property to be well-maintained and attractive, the vendors doing the work will be coming into their homes.  To obtain and keep the big jobs, it’s important that vendors are trustworthy, both in their job performance and in their behavior.

This is a relationship

The first step in keeping a contract with a valued HOA or Condo Board is to recognize that this is a relationship, not just a job. Because you’ll be in and around the homes of the Board members and their neighbors, the better and longer they know you, the more likely they are to renew to contract. That directly translates into more negotiating power for you.

So, how do you find the Boards you want to work with? The same way you find someone to date—you get an introduction from a friend or you make yourself available online. But, just like dating, you’re both going to be much more open to this relationship when you’re introduced by someone who already knows you.

Ask for referrals and reviews

In practical terms, this means that if you do work for a resident in the community, ask that resident to recommend you to the Board for bigger projects. Let your existing customers know that you’re looking for opportunities with large communities. Invite your customers to leave good feedback for you on your online listings.

Do your homework

Once you’ve been asked to submit a bid, do some research to make sure that your bid is competitive, but don’t worry too much about being the lowest bidder. Experienced Boards know that cheapest doesn’t always mean best. Include references with your bid, even if you aren’t asked for them, and make yourself readily available for interviews. You want to let them know that you have the skill, knowledge, experience, ethics, dependability, and communication skills to do the job well and without hassle.

Be someone they want to have around

Just as important as landing a job is keeping that job. Make sure residents feel comfortable having you and your employees there. Respect their time. Show up when you’re supposed and finish the job quickly. Don’t cancel an appointment unless you absolutely have to, but try to be accommodating when others have to cancel. Be clean in your appearance, and make sure your employees are, too. Don’t use foul language and don’t track dirt into their homes.

Likewise, treat the Board members respectfully. Return their calls promptly, be straightforward in your answers to their questions, but don’t be rude or argumentative. If you disagree, it’s okay to say so, but don’t take it personally and don’t make it personal. Perhaps most importantly, give the Board good value for their money.  Complete your contracts on time with a job well done.

Maintaining a good relationship with a great client isn’t particularly complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you regard your contract with the Board as a relationship, you’ll likely see that relationship strengthened through many years of trusted, renewed contracts. Call 844-9-ARDENT to learn how to earn and keep the trust of the Board.