Vendor Management & Contract Negotiation

We don’t just hire vendors, we manage them. We recommend vendors that are reputable and have a positive track record within their field. After making it through our detailed RFP process we confirm they have active insurance coverage and are licensed if applicable. At the contract negotiation stage we make sure to clearly define the most important provisions of the agreement like scope, amount, form and frequency of compensation, term, contract commencement and expiration, insurance requirements and non-performance remedies.

Vendor Management and Contract Negotiation

From painting and plumbing to landscaping and street repair, the vendor management and contract negotiation tasks that fall to a homeowners or condo association can get complicated, quickly. It’s nearly guaranteed that as soon as a need pops up, you’ll start hearing recommendations from residents. This one’s promising a discounted rate. That one’s pressuring you to hire his relative or longtime friend.

Hire the wrong vendors and before you know it, your association is exposed to liabilities and the pressures of extra scrutiny that come with accusations of wrongdoing. You need access to reputable vendors who will get the job done in accordance with your contract – the first time. Once you find these vendors, you want to make sure your relationship with them goes so well that they serve your community loyally for the long-term.

How Can Ardent Residential Support You in Handling Vendors and Contracts?

  • We only work with vendors who share the same values as us: eco-friendly, knowledgeable, and reputable.
  • We verify each vendor’s license and insurance.
  • We help you obtain several separate bids from suitable vendors when appropriate.
  • We iron out all the details of the contract, so you don’t have to worry about missing something important.
  • We ensure that the goods and services received are acceptable.
  • We help you understand the nuances of a contract, such as payment, the scope of work and liability.

Who Is Best Suited to Manage Your Association’s Vendors and Contracts?

If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a professional vendor and contract manager, consider whether anyone in your association already currently manages the complexity and risk of contracts, or if there’s even anyone who has the legal know-how to do so. Many communities struggle when there is a conflict of interest between community members and local businesses. One of the most common reasons to hire a professional may simply be because no one in a community wants to contact and vet numerous vendors or fully understands the legalities and liabilities involved in hiring service providers.

Going through the vetting and contract process on your own is a lot like reinventing the wheel. Instead, why not rely on Ardent Residential’s extensive vendor resources to find the service providers your community needs – without getting a runaround?

Call or click to find out more about how easy handling your condominium or homeowners association’s vendor management and contract negotiation can be? We promise – we’ll make you and your community look good while saving you money at the same time.