Board & Member Meetings

Our pursuit of perfection means we are always listening and learning. When we attend your weekly, monthly or quarterly Board meetings we come prepared with financial reports, site evaluations, action lists and vendor updates. We are also prepared to run annual HOA meetings from beginning to end, or simply provide Board support when needed.

Board and Member Meetings

Does running HOA or COA Board and member meetings feel like directing a three-ring circus nobody even wants to watch? Ever get the feeling the only reason the few homeowners who bother to show up are only there for a chance to gossip over the refreshments, or because they’re anticipating a fight? Meetings are unavoidable, but they don’t have to be painful for anyone.

What if, instead, your Board and member meetings were characterized by high participation rates and a solid understanding of the bylaws and regulations of your community? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to conclude a meeting where the few disputes that arose were minimal and resolved by the time you adjourned? Efficient, effective, and utterly civilized association meetings are not just a dream – if you’ve got professional help to run them right.

Ardent Residential can help you avoid the common pitfalls of conducting and recording HOA and COA Board and member meetings. We can run the meetings from beginning to end or simply show up as Board support – it’s your choice.

Here’s how we can help your board and member meetings go more smoothly than you’ve ever imagined:

  • Provide your association’s financial reports
  • Present vendor updates
  • Complete and present site evaluations
  • Develop and present project plans
  • Engage your community to spur better attendance
  • Design meetings that are highly informative and worthwhile to attend

Board and member meetings operate more smoothly by following certain procedures. Ardent Residential helps you understand and follow those procedures so that every meeting your community holds is productive and cordial.

You’re serving your association to help build a better community for your family and neighbors. You don’t have to do it alone – and you certainly don’t have to feel like running meetings that work is an impossible task. Call Ardent Residential to make sure your next HOA or COA Board and member meeting is the best one yet.