Insurance Claim Management

Insurance claims are just part of doing business. Having someone stay on top of your insurance claims is crucial to avoid missing key deadlines and to make sure you are looking out for your Association.

Ardent Residential helps you by allowing you to focus on the other matters that demand your attention, confidently knowing that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Associations often have some of the most complex property insurance claims. This is partly due to the fact that associations tend to have numerous stakeholders, each of which has their own opinions, requirements, and concerns.

Let Ardent Handle Your Insurance Claim Management

A poorly managed claim can quickly turn into a nightmare for everyone involved. All too often, multiple policyholders, insurance companies, pressure from owners, and conflicting and unclear requirements can conspire to prevent you from getting the payouts you are entitled to.

On top of all that, insurance claims can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s not an area you want to walk into blindly. To make the decisions you’re facing, you need complete and correct information for claim reporting; assistance filing and tracking any claims; and a timely means of settling any claims. Sure, you can go it alone – but you’ll rest easier and have a smoother experience when you have help.

The benefits of having Ardent Residential manage your insurance claims include:

  • Fraudulent claims management
  • Greater accuracy in settlement of claims
  • Reduction in operations cost

Our Services Include:

  • Streamlining the Documentation Process
  • Setup of insurance claims
  • Settlement of accounts
  • Estimation of and eligibility for insurance claims
  • Auditing and support of claims
  • Imaging of claim documents
  • Assisting in adjudication and disbursement

Ardent Residential understands your changing needs and we appreciate the importance of providing a clear, efficient, streamlined way to manage your claims. Having a professional service look out for your interests and manage your insurance claims will lead to a smoother, easier, faster, more financially beneficial process for you. We have the experience, resources, and contacts needed to advance and settle even the most complicated claims, big and small.

With all that you have to think about and do, insurance claims can easily slip your notice – they might even be forgotten. Let Ardent Residential take on this task for you, so you can focus your attention on other things.