Utility Sub-Meter Reading & Billing

Our utility reading and billing programs fully integrate with our software which passes through to the monthly Board reports. This allows for easy reading and quicker analysis. HOA members receive one consolidated bill reflecting their assessments as well as their usage. Our competitive rates are also some of the lowest in the industry.

HOA Utility Sub-Meter Reading & Billing

Are you trying to learn more about utility sub-meter reading and billing? Utility sub-meters allow managers of multi-tenant properties to read and bill residents for their individual usage. This can be useful for everyone—from condo associations and property managers to HOAs and landlords. And it applies to meters measuring water, gas or electricity use.

Sub-metering can also help monitor the electrical consumption of equipment in a dwelling, including but not limited to appliances, air conditioning, and lighting. This method grants management a look into the efficiency of their equipment, which in turn allows for savings on energy.

In addition to its other benefits, utility sub-metering can also help improve the value and appeal of your property. The potential savings that can be found through more detailed usage information make sub-meters an attractive option for anyone looking to cut down on the costs and consumption of their multi-unit property.

How Tenants Benefit from Sub-Meter Reading & Billing

Under normal circumstances, a dwelling containing multiple tenants would either have one meter for the property or a single meter for each building. In this case, the property as a whole is responsible for the entirety of the utility bill. Alternatively, sub-metering grants property owners the ability to measure each tenant’s individual usage. This puts consumers in control of what they pay for utilities, meaning they can choose to use less power if they wish to lower their costs. It also ensures that tenants won’t feel like they are paying for more than what they should fairly be charged with, particularly if they don’t use nearly as much energy as their neighbors.

Energy Conservation as a Result of Sub-Metering

Consumers who seek to lower their utility costs are contributing to energy conservation, which is one of the main advantages that come with sub-metering. Being responsible for their usage offers them an incentive to moderate their habits, something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Monitoring usage in this fashion also provides information on when energy is being used during time periods that lack a valid reason for it. This awareness can pinpoint issues like leaky faucets or pipes and other problems that could become very expensive if left alone for too long. Wasteful consumption like this can be quickly corrected and prevented, thanks to the specific nature of the information provided by sub-meter reading and billing.

Sub-metering may represent a big change for your property, but the benefits are significant enough to make it well worth the effort. If you’re interested in learning more about why you should consider making the switch, our team at Ardent Residential is available to assist you with any questions you might have about utility sub-meter reading and billing. We are proud to provide the latest information to help HOA Boards and members.