Emergency Services

Problems don’t always, or even usually, arise during business hours. More often than not, things go wrong when much of the working world has closed up shop for the night. Not us. Ardent Residential is available to handle your emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crime, natural disasters, and medical emergencies are not usually at the top of anyone’s mind – until they happen.

From an organizational perspective, preparing for emergency situations and having a plan to address their aftermath can help your association navigate difficult times by lessening the administrative burden that comes with managing the fallout.

When emergencies happen, everyone’s first priority should be to take control of the situation and get things back to normal as soon as possible. In those situations, you need a partner you can trust with every action item and detail.

Ardent Residential is always at the ready, with an expert, experienced maintenance team on call to help you through the entire process.

Our emergency response team can help you assess the damage, understand the claims process, and manage and execute the construction and restoration of your assets – including common areas – in the event of a storm or other emergency.

24/7 Emergency Services With Ardent Residential

Our services include:

  • Common area maintenance
  • Home repair and maintenance services
  • Emergency services and restoration
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Handyman services
  • Sheetrock repairs
  • Painting
  • Emergency assistance
  • Carpentry

After a disaster or emergency, we can help you by overseeing the administrative paperwork involved in securing insurance disbursements. We can also coordinate with the appropriate vendors for cleanup related to flood, fire, or other property damage.

Help is on the way

Ardent Residential will be there to assist you in planning for and recovery from disasters and emergency situations. Our priority is not just to reassure you, but to make sure that you are prepared for any kind of emergency.

From dealing with damage in the aftermath of catastrophe to general construction and emergency response, our team knows how to handle everything that arises, right down to processing the insurance paperwork. We handle all of the details so you don’t have to.