Declarant, Developer & Construction Services

Whether you’re a first time developer, a national builder or an investment firm who has recently taken on an assignment of declarant rights, Ardent Residential is here to help. Our experienced managers know how to balance the needs of the membership with the goals of a declarant-based Board of Directors.

Declarant, Developer and Construction Services

The declarant of a planned community has goals, and those goals must be balanced with the needs and rights of members. Proper management and communication is the key to bridging the gap between these two entities. If you are a developer or declarant, you are investing enormous amounts of money, time and energy into your project. There may be times of conflict that need resolution, and it’s important to have a system in place to keep things running smoothly.

The Development and Construction Process Is a Journey

The declarant has a responsibility to members but also an investment to protect. This is one reason proper management is so crucial. As the process unfolds, and before the declarant turns over control of the community, it’s essential that those interests are protected. Ardent Residential will be there to help every step of the way. We can oversee the development and training of new staff, managers, maintenance, engineers, concierge and even volunteer members. Additionally, we will assist with the transition process ensuring it runs smoothly while managing declarant/member relationships in the interim. Disagreements between declarants and members are common. Some examples:

  • Members may push for changes to the original plan that exceed budget.
  • There may be disagreements between unit owners and board members.
  • Owners may wish to make changes to property.
  • There may be disagreements around common-area features and usage.
  • Disagreements arise around fees and dues.

Ardent Residential Can Help Declarants, Developers, and Members

There are a variety of hurdles that must be overcome throughout the declarant, developer and construction process. Ardent Residential has a thorough understanding of this process and of the legalities and issues that come into play. Whether you are a first-time developer, a corporation or a smaller enterprise, Ardent Residential has you covered. Contact us for more information, or visit our website.