Leasing Administration

Ardent Residential’s Leasing Administration services allow your Association to protect property values and maintain quality of life at no cost to the Association.

Maintaining property values and providing a great place to live are two of the most important jobs tasked to any Home Owners Association or Condo Board.

You already know that having a large number of rental units in your community will limit the financing options available to new buyers, driving down property values for the whole community.

Tenant-occupied properties also tend to not be maintained as well as owner-occupied properties, which can make the community look bad. Tenant-occupied properties also tend to have a higher number of disturbances and Covenant violations, creating headaches for the Association and problems for other residents. But keeping track of tenant-occupied properties can be difficult for an HOA or Condo Board.

Good news! We can help.

We’ll take care of the details, so you won’t have to.


When Ardent Residential handles your community’s Leasing Administration, we help you create a community-wide leasing policy to communicate expectations and requirements to owners and tenants. We also maintain a community-specific leasing database for the board so that we can provide you with regular reports on leasing activity and leasing status’s in your community.

Our database allows us to keep track of current owners with active permits, hardship leases those that are on the wait list for an open permit and tenant contact information, so that you’ll know which properties are rented out, who is living in your community, and how you can reach them.

We provide all leasing-related documents, such as lease agreements and permits, and we keep track of them for you, so that you know that owners are in compliance with all leasing terms and expiration dates.

Every month, we provide the board with an up-to-date report so that you can quickly and easily see all the leasing activity in your community.

And it won’t cost you anything.


Best of all, these services come at no cost to your Association.

In most cases, the nominal fees for these services can be billed only to the owners of leased properties, and not shared by owners who are occupying their own properties or paid by the Association. Most Associations’ governing documents allow for the Board to specifically assess owners for any expense related to an optional service, such as this, provided by or through the Association.

Let Ardent Residential take over the hassle of keeping track of tenant-occupied properties for you. It’s one more service we provide to make your work and life easier.