Elections & Governance

There are many moving parts to an HOA and we think it is important for your management partner to have an understanding of your HOA’s governing documents. That’s why we read them in full before we officially begin providing services. When heading into an election, Ardent Residential is prepared to run it from beginning to end. From the creation of mail outs, agendas, proxies, nomination forms, and ballots to establishing quorum, counting votes and announcing the results, our level of involvement is your choice.

HOA Elections and Governance

Forget the drama of reality television or soap operas – if you’ve been an active member of your association, you’ve seen how complicated and confusing HOA Elections and Governance procedures can get. There’s nothing quite like a Board election to stir up discontent, send accusations flying, and create headaches in a community.

It’s understandable. Most homeowner and condo associations have a list of election rules as long as your arm. Overlooking even a few, even by accident, can lead to problems nobody wants to have to deal with – and the loss of credibility and community support that comes with an election snag can be tough to recover.

How Can Ardent Residential Help with Your Associations’s Governance and COA Elections?

  • Providing careful review of your association’s governing documents to ensure compliance
  • Creation and distribution of mailings, agendas, and proxies
  • Ensuring a quorum is present before proceeding with an election
  • Validating that the right people are voting, not just whoever shows up
  • Creation of nomination forms and ballots
  • Accurate count and tracking of votes
  • Announcing the results of an election
  • Complete confidentiality

Tired of the Headaches that Come with HOA and Condo Board Elections?

It may be time to hire a professional to oversee elections and governance if there has been a lot of turnover among the leadership of the association or if there are a lot of residents within the community. If no one in your leadership is familiar with how elections should be run, previous elections were invalid for any reason, or too few people show up at elections to establish a quorum, a property management service can help.

Good governance and elections management is important for your success. Everyone in the community should know about the election and understands how it works. Similarly, there should be equal opportunities for everyone to run for a Board position and equal opportunities for everyone to cast a ballot. Elections should follow all of the established rules. In the end, the majority of residents should be happy with the process and outcome of the election.

You’ve joined your community’s association to help create a great place to live for your family and your neighbors. The work you do there is hard enough without also having to worry about running your next election correctly. Ardent Residential can help. Give us a call today to discover just how much value we can bring to your neighborhood.