Building & Facilities Management

Every HOA should be focused on reducing energy consumption and improving conservation, while also being mindful of the environment. Ardent Residential works with vendors that provide environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions such as building envelope maintenance, pool cleaning, storm water pond management, landscaping, recycling and waste management, integrated pest control, and much more. Along with daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly site inspections, we also offer on-call engineers, facilitate detailed reserve studies, and consistently distribute regular site inspection reports that can track the life of your HOA’s assets.

HOA Building and Facilities Management

Trying to handle HOA building and facilities management for your condo or homeowners association with limited resources and never enough time? That’s how most HOA’s  and condos run – and why having a professional company assist you may be the smartest move you make this year.

From pool maintenance, budget tracking, and depositing dues to maintaining complicated systems or amenities, you’ve got a lot on your plate as you serve on your community. Hiring a professional may be the best way to provide these services cost-effectively. You’ll see an increase in homeowner and resident satisfaction,  market values, and the overall reputation of your community.

Managing Building and Facilities Is No Part-Time Job

  • There’s the Money Part. It takes specialized skills to facilitate a long-term capital budget for any neighborhood or complex. It’s hard to ensure appropriate funding is available to offset the costs of typical deterioration. We have the financial knowledge and experience to handle this task for you.
  • And the Rules and Regulations. A large number of regulations govern facility management. We are well versed in the rules about access for people with disabilities, hazardous materials, and legal liability.
  • It’s All about Who You Know. Choosing vendors takes time and experience so you know what to expect. We have a vast network of vendors that we have already vetted for environmental compliance and high-quality standards. With our connections and experience in this business, we’re often able to secure discounts from contractors and service providers.

Is It Time to Bring in Building and Facilities Managers?

A lot of communities wonder when it may be time to hire a professional building and facilities manager. When trying to decide, it’s important to consider whether residents have the time or willingness to volunteer to manage the association. If the association has too many properties and systems to oversee, or if community members lack the necessary skills to do the work, it may be time.

When determining whether your HOA building and facilities management is successful, consider whether property values increase or decrease. Ask yourself if there are solid reserves, if complaints get addressed quickly and fairly, and if the association is in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Consider ways to reduce energy consumption and improve conservation.

Whether or not to hire a professional management company is a common question among homeowner and condominium associations. We understand that hiring a professional may seem like a major expense. However, in the end, you may be surprised to find that you actually save money by hiring a pro. The right company brings knowledge, time, and skills to your community.

Ardent Residential saves you time and stress by providing effective building and facilities management. Eliminate the hassle of doing it on your own. Call Ardent Residential today to discover just how much value we can bring to your community.